Breaking the Handcycling Land Speed Record









I am pleased to announce that University of Liverpool Velocipede Team – ULVTeam have selected me, Ken Talbot, to ride as part of the ARION4 team attempting the world speed record at the World Human Power Speed Challenge (WHPSC) in Battle Mountain, Nevada, 2018.

Expanding on their previous experience and success, ULVTeam are diversifying by entering and competing in the “Arms Only” category with a newly designed handcycle. Pushing the limits of design and fitness, together we will be attempting to break the current men’s record of 45.68mph/ 73.51kph, a record that’s been standing since 2011.

The World Human Power Speed Challenge is a long-standing event where Cyclists and Engineers from a variety of backgrounds, and from all over the world join forces with cutting edge designs to see just how fast a “bicycle” can go.

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