If you have any questions about my work towards breaking the handcycle land speed record at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge, ask them here and I’ll try to answer them the best I can.

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    1. Firstly, the team has Karen Darke as the female rider.

      Secondly, I put this question to the University of Liverpool team leader and received the following information:

      No, but the Arion 5 team has 6 female engineers in it!
      A few may help us out over summer and potentially come to Battle Mountain, so potentially yeah

    1. I don’t have a way to follow the blog per se, but you can like and follow my Facebook page which
      will have brief portions of each blog post as well as a link to the blog itself.

      Or, you can bookmark the blog in your favourite web browser for easy access.

    1. Even before targeting the Land speed Record, my training regime evolved from working on my own ideas, then incorporating one training style from Coach Mike Durner of the U.S. Olympic committee which I came across on the SportCrafters website:


      Later, after realising I needed more targeted training for the record, I switched to an online programme.

      In order to refine things further, I then switched to an actual cycling coach, Davie Lines of Espresso Cycle Coaching, as well as a Strength Coach, Rob at #BOBSGARAGE. Just recently I’ve also been looking at the Psychological aspects of performance training.

      Presently, I train on the bike five times per week with a variety of different sessions ranging from
      high and low cadences, sprints and max power outputs, sustained VO2 max, Time Trials and more.

      I’m in the gym three times per week with a series of upper body workouts varying from high weight/ low reps to reduced weight higher reps. All the session are based on free weights with some switching from dumbbells to barbells and vice versa depending on what aspects we are focusing on.

  1. It was a great pleasure to meet you last night Ken. Do you have a crowdfunding facility so that I might make a small contribution to the project-? Please advise.
    In the meantime I send my best wishes for a successful outcome.
    Ron Dalton (the guy who talked about Lycra)

    1. Hi Ron,

      It was great to meet you as well and fascinating to hear about the birth of Lycra.

      Currently I don’t have a crowdfunding site as I’m focusing all my attention on training, and keeping this site going. Given the short window of time we have to work with, it’s all about hitting the needed power levels for 2018.

      But, another attempt at Battle Mountain in 2019 is still in my sights, and whether that works out with ULVTeam or not remains to be seen after this year. so, I may have something set up for that depending on needs. In the meantime, your support and encouragement is hugely helpful! Cheers!

  2. I am one of your followers on Zwift. I am really impressed with the power numbers you are generating. I’m still new to indoor cycle training and would be happy to achieve similar numbers to yours!!!! Would be interested in your opinion regarding the importance of strength training in helping to achieve a higher FTP. My wife is Scottish so it is great to see someone from Scotland making their dreams/ambitions come true.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your great message and for following me on Zwift! Cheers, that quite a compliment to be aiming for my numbers. Are you a handcyclist as well? I would say that strength training can be massively beneficial for improving your FTP, it was an absolute must for my Battle Mountain training. But, I’ve reconfigured my training for a new record and after some initial drops in my levels due to the change in performance targets, my FTP is back up at Battle Mountain levels without the strength training. The big difference is that it’s taken about 4 times as long to get to the same result and it’s taken some very specific training that’s far more work than entertaining! Don’t forget to balance that with the cardio though, all the strength in the world won’t hold up if you can’t feed those muscles.

      That’s great, and cheers! You’ve got to keep your dreams alive. Battle Mountain was one I had and was told to give it up, that it would never be possible. And yet, despite a disability, I’ve still managed to find a way to make it happen, and with an amazing team: Univ of Liverpool, my coaches and advisors – I couldn’t have done it without them.

      1. Ken,

        Not a handcyclist, just a lame older cyclist who had laid off for a number of years. I had some health issues and lost a fair amount of muscle mass, but am pleased with structured training as it is a good motivator. Using TrainerRoad in conjunction with Zwift. SInce starting TrainerRoad and a structured program have raised FTP about 10% in the first six weeks. Not looking to set any speed records but hoping to increase my MTB climbing ability. I’ll start to work some strength training into the program and see how it goes. BTW, where do you live in Scotland? My wife is from Barhead. Vacationed there a couple years ago. Amazing country!!!! I’ll join you on one of your Zwift rides one of these days when I feel up to it!!!

        1. Hi Mike,

          Sorry for the delay here. Haha, there’s no such thing as a lame older cyclist! Aye, structured training is really amazing no matter how you do it. It’s great to use it to stay motivated, especially on those days where you’re not feeling like you can give 100%, you know that you can do it as you can see it in your history, so you just have to do what you’re already capable of. Excellent, I actually started with that same programme and it set me up well for moving on to a dedicated coach. Sounds like you have a great plan in place and no doubt you’ll see and feel the improvements on the MTB soon!. Ah, I’ve never made it out to Barhead, myself but been out northwest of there and it’s a brilliant area. Great connection there. I’m in the Capital. That’s great that you made it over, it’s an amazing part of the world. Aye, definitely join me on Zwift if you ever see me, give me a shout as you’re racing by!

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